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Soon, everyone will be here.

Siltasaari 10 will breathe life into Hakaniemi, the new centre of downtown Helsinki.

Siltasaari 10

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Hakaniemi is a place of many firsts. It is where history happens. The story continues with the new dynamic and inspirational multicultural hub of creativity at Siltasaari 10.

The original trade centres of the area, the Hakaniemi Market Square and Hakaniemi Market Hall, will live in perfect harmony with the new services. All of Hakaniemi, with Siltasaari 10 in the lead, invites you to enjoy and spend time there.

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Siltasaari 10 offers an inspiring work environment and unique premises for businesses. The hearts of the offices, business premises and services beat at the same pace with the surrounding urban environment 24/7, enabling the effortless and efficient use of premises.

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Outside photo of Siltasaari 10

The services of Hakaniemi beckon you. Restaurants, hotels, the seashore and the best connections in the city make the neighbourhood uniquely diverse and vibrant.


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Siltasaari 10 is a round-the-clock oasis where business meets culture and hard work the play it requires.

Hakaniemi lives off the contrasts that make it interesting and attractive. Classic landmark buildings and historical locations fit comfortably alongside modern premises, services and restaurant culture.

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In Hakaniemi, new is the neighbour of old. The atmosphere is genuine and full of traditions, but always curious towards new things. The rendezvous points of the area attract locals, visitors and people working in the area alike. In Hakaniemi, everyone’s a great neighbour, and making things happen together is effortless.

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You don’t just come here for work. Services, culture and the spirit of the neighbourhood are the building blocks that make the new Hakaniemi attractive.


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The comfortable office and working premises of Siltasaari 10 are seamlessly linked to the urban but green public spaces. The block lives and breathes together with the surrounding neighbourhood.

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The services of Siltasaari 10 will be directed to the employees as well as visitors and residents of the surrounding area. Digital services will guide people to use the different functions in the area. Established and new working environments are supported by interesting restaurant, retail and event services, creating a unique, round-the-clock living and breathing urban ecosystem.

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People are at the heart of developing Siltasaari 10. The premises and spaces must meet individual needs.

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Hakaniemi is a unique combination of tradition and a curious outlook toward the future. It’s easy to make yourself at home in Hakaniemi and it’s always fun to visit. The neighbourhood has the best connections of the city by metro, train, bus, car, bike as well as on foot. Here, you can also come to work on a boat!

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And these shores, rocks and pubs thought they’d seen it all...

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